3 Lesser-Known Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Won't Break Your Budget

Posted on: 18 April 2015

There are cosmetic dentistry procedures that you may hear about so much that you think those are the only procedures available to improve the appearance of an otherwise healthy smile. Many people know about teeth-whitening and porcelain veneers, but there are other procedures that get talked about less, so you might not know they exist. Become informed of all your cosmetic dentistry options, and you may realize that although a full set of veneers may be out of your budget right now, there are other ways to have your smile improved that you may be able to fit into your budget. 

1. Enamel Reshaping

If you hate the shape of some of your teeth, but you can't afford veneers, then enamel reshaping may be a better choice for you. With a tooth reshaping procedure, a dentist carefully files your teeth to give them more attractive shapes. It can also be called tooth contouring or tooth reshaping, so don't become confused if you hear it called one of these alternate names. 

To shape your teeth, a dentist uses a special file to gently file your teeth into a new shape. This procedure can be used to give very square teeth more rounded edges or to soften the tips of those pointy canine teeth you have always disliked. 

Enamel reshaping does have its limitations, though, and there is only so much enamel that can be removed before the health of the tooth is jeopardized. This makes it best for just subtle changes in the shape of teeth. 

2. Bonding

While enamel reshaping can change the shape of teeth by taking some enamel away, bonding does the opposite. It can change the shape of a tooth by adding material that mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel. 

Many people don't realize bonding is available for cosmetic purposes and think it is only useful for fixing chipped or seriously damaged teeth. Bonding can be used to close gaps between teeth and lengthen teeth, and it can also be an option to soften the appearance of sharp canine teeth in a different way. 

3. Crowns

While crowns are most commonly used after a root canal to add strength to the final restoration, crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of an otherwise healthy tooth. If you have a discolored first molar or bicuspid that will not respond to traditional teeth-whitening tactics, then a crown is an option to improve the appearance of the deeply discolored tooth.

Realize that cosmetic dentists do more than just whiten teeth and apply dental veneers. These are just examples of the other options you have to improve the appearance of your teeth. If you have a tooth or teeth that you dislike the appearance of, but you don't know of any procedure that will help, then consult with a cosmetic dentist, and you may find out that you have many affordable options to help improve your teeth.