Does Your Child Have Buck Teeth? The Cause & How Metal Braces Can Help

Posted on: 30 June 2015

Does your child get made fun of at school for having buck teeth? You can make sure that he or she goes through school with a nice smile by investing in metal braces to correct the problem. Find out below what causes buck teeth, as well as how metal braces will improve the condition.

What Causes a Child to Have Buck Teeth?

Buck teeth are the result of an overbite. It is possible that your child developed overbite by inheriting it from you or the other parent. The problem can stem from your child being born with an overdeveloped upper jaw that protrudes further than the lower jaw.

Buck teeth can also be the result of thumb sucking. When a child grows up sucking on his or her thumb on a regular basis, it can cause teeth in contact with the thump to slowly shift. Babies that are in the habit of sucking pacifiers can also develop buck teeth. If your child is still very young and sucks his or her thumb, you can stop buck tooth progression by investing in a fixed palatal crib appliance before braces.

How Can Metal Braces Be Used for Correcting Buck Teeth?

Metal braces are great for correcting buck teeth because they can help your child's teeth shift into the right position. The braces will not show immediate results, but you will notice an improvement with time. Basically, an orthodontist, like All About Smiles Incorporated, will have to attach brackets to your child's teeth as a way to position them as they are straightened.

There will also be metal wires attached to your child's teeth. The wires will basically be placed on the brackets and positioned on the teeth in a strategic manner. The key to bring your child's teeth to the right position is for the wires to be tightened. It is the force from the wires that will move the teeth together. Every now and then your child will have to get the wires re-tightened in order for braces to be successful.

What is the Estimated Cost of Metal Braces?

You are looking to spend between $3,000 and $10,000 or more for your child's metal braces. However, you may spend less money if your child has dental insurance coverage. The overall price will also depend on how severe your child's overbite is and the complexity of correcting it. Call an orthodontist to make an appointment so your child can be examined to see if metal braces are ideal for getting rid of his or her buck teeth!