2 Orthodontic Alignment Options For Adults

Posted on: 5 August 2016

If you are an adult who would like to have the alignment of your teeth corrected, you may be concerned about the appearance of orthodontic appliances. Many people picture a mouthful of braces when they think of dental alignment. However, nowadays, there are orthodontic options that do not have a great impact on your appearance. Here are a few such options:


Invisalign, which is generally only prescribed for teens and adults, can be used to align the teeth in a discreet manner. The application uses several sets of hard plastic aligners to coax your teeth into proper position.

The aligners look similar to transparent mouth trays. Each set of trays is worn for several weeks before being discarded and replaced with the next alignment set in your course of treatment. Once the final set in the plan has been worn for the prescribed amount of time, your teeth should be in proper alignment.

Since the clear aligners that are used are removable, you must be careful to keep them in the mouth for the prescribed amount of time each day. In fact, the trays should not be removed for more than a couple of hours. Removal is usually only suggested for periods of eating or cleaning your teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are traditional braces with brackets made of dental ceramic. Although the ceramic braces work in the same manner as traditional braces, there are no metal brackets to display when you speak or laugh.

Dental ceramic can be matched to your natural tooth color, so the brackets are difficult to see once they are in place. Since the archwire of the braces is connected to the brackets using elastic bands, clear elastics can be selected to help preserve the discretion of the appliance. The only portion of the braces that may be readily visible is the archwire, and it is only a thin strip of metal.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces may also be an option for adults who wish to have their teeth discreetly aligned. The lingual braces, which are designed like conventional metal braces, are placed on the side of the teeth that is next to the tongue and remain out of view when you speak or smile. Nevertheless, the alignment force of lingual braces is as effective as that of traditional braces.

To learn more about orthodontic options that may be available for adults, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist in your area.