Correcting The Look Of Crooked And Discolored Teeth

Posted on: 3 November 2016

Having great-looking teeth can boost your confidence levels and make you feel more attractive. However, you may feel that your teeth are a lost cause, especially if they have multiple major cosmetic issues, such as discoloration and crookedness. Nevertheless, there are dental applications that can fix these issues. 


If your teeth are discolored, they can be whitened using natural products, dental bleach, or veneers. Natural products such as baking soda and turmeric can polish away dental stains, while other substances, such as strawberries, contain chemicals like malic acid, which dissolves discoloration. 

Dental bleaches are usually peroxide-based and are found in over-the-counter and professional teeth-whitening products. The bleaches are applied to the tooth enamel for a set period of time to allow the bleaching action to work. In most instances, multiple bleaching applications are needed to achieve the level of whitening that is desired. 

Dental bleaches usually work well at removing stains that have been absorbed from foods and beverages. However, they cannot whiten tooth enamel that has been darkened by medicine, trauma, or a congenital defect. In those cases, veneers are more suitable. 

Veneers hide the discoloration. They are bonded to the front of the teeth and are displayed instead of the underlying teeth. Veneers can be selected in the desired shade of whiteness, so your teeth can be even whiter than the tone that could be produced through bleaching applications. 


Dental misalignment that is severe must be corrected using orthodontic applications, such as braces or clear plastic aligners. The devices shift the teeth into the desired configuration by applying straightening force.

Braces include an archwire that is connected to brackets, which are affixed to the teeth. As archwire is adjusted periodically by the orthodontist, straightening force is transferred to the brackets and consequently, to the teeth. 

Clear plastic aligners are like rigid mouth trays that progressively align the teeth. Once the teeth match the alignment of one set of trays, the next set in the treatment progression is donned to continue the alignment process. Each set is worn for a couple of weeks. 

Although orthodontic appliances are needed for severe misalignment, dental veneers can be used for minor crookedness and interdental gaps. The veneers do not actually correct the misalignment, but they do conceal it.

To learn more about cosmetic dental applications that can improve the appearance of your teeth, schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist in your local area.