Did Your First Child Just Hit Their Teens? 3 Dental Issues To Watch For That Commonly Arise During Adolescence

Posted on: 17 May 2018

During the early childhood years, your biggest concerns were likely easing the pain of teething and cavity prevention. Now, however, it's time to revamp your child's dental care strategies, since the teen years often bring changes that require you to help them be extra vigilant about their oral health. Now that your teen has the majority of their permanent teeth, help them preserve their smile by addressing these common dental concerns faced by adolescents.

Watch for Retained Primary Teeth

Baby teeth tend to fall out in a pattern that starts with the first tooth coming in being one of the first to get loose. While every child is different, the second molars tend to be the last teeth shed. This typically happens by the age of 12, but some children's teeth take a little longer. If your older teenager still has baby teeth, then talk to their dentist to find out if it is a concern. In some cases, dental treatment services such as a simple extraction may be necessary to stimulate the adult tooth to grow in.

Take Action Against Gum Disease

Gum disease tends to be viewed as a problem that only adults face, yet the early signs of gum disease can occur in children and older teens. According to TeensHealth, approximately 60 percent of teenagers are in the first stage of gum disease by the time that they turn 15. While it may be upsetting to discover that your child has bleeding or swollen gums, the good news is that dental services such as regular cleanings and patient education can help teens reverse the disease.

Educate Them About Dangerous Trends

Teenagers often become more aware of how their teeth affect their appearance. While this can be a good thing if they suddenly start caring about oral hygiene, it can be dangerous if a lack of confidence about their appearance causes them to try to fix their perceived problems themselves. Unfortunately, teens sometimes hear about trends such as DIY tooth whitening or homemade braces that can cause serious harm to their permanent teeth. If your teen has a concern about the color of their teeth or a crooked smile, then help them find an appropriate dental treatment that prevents them from trying out a dangerous trend.

The teen years bring many changes to your lives as a family, and your awareness of your teenager's oral health helps you to guide them to making the right decisions. Make sure your teen knows to come to you with any problems they experience with their teeth so that you can arrange for the appropriate treatments to help them move into adulthood with a beautiful smile. Contact a dental office like Professional Dental Center for more information.