3 Things To Know About Digital Smile Design

Posted on: 26 December 2018

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that helps people improve the way their smiles and mouths look, and this takes place through a variety of different dental procedures. If you despise your smile, for any reason, you can get the changes you want through cosmetic dentistry, and today many dentists do this through digital smile design (DSD). Here are three things you should understand about DSD if you are interested in having a nicer smile.

What is DSD?

DSD is a term used by cosmetic dentists to refer to the digital process they use to predict what a person's smile will look like after going through dental procedures for improvements. While a person who wants cosmetic work done does not have to go through this process, it is often helpful as it will help reveal what the person's teeth and smile will look like if he or she goes through certain procedures. Going through DSD can help you determine what steps to take with your teeth, the order in which you would like the steps, and the options you have with each step.

What steps are involved with this?

To go through DSD, your cosmetic dentist will take digital pictures of your teeth, and he or she may also take videos of your teeth. From these pictures, the dentist is able to apply changes to the pictures to show you the effects of certain procedures. For example, if you have a gummy smile, the dentist could show you how your teeth would look if you went through a particular procedure to have the problem fixed. The dentist can make adjustments to the procedures to change the effects, and this helps you and the dentist create a plan for the work you will go through.

What are the benefits of DSD?

One of the main benefits of DSD is that it allows you to see how you would look before you go through with a procedure. It also allows you to customize your procedures to meet your needs. The other benefit is that it will give the dentist a perfect idea of what you are expecting and hoping for from the procedures you choose to go through.

If you have always longed for a nicer smile, you should consider visiting a dental clinic to learn more about DSD. You can learn more about this by contacting a cosmetic dentist in your area.