Three Reasons Why You Should Not Get Cosmetic Dentistry in a Foreign Country

Posted on: 23 February 2019

There is a lot of buzz about people going abroad to get cosmetic procedures for cheaper prices. Unfortunately, those cheaper prices frequently lead to health problems and dangerous, life-endangering situations while getting implants and affixed dentures. Here are three reasons why you should not get cosmetic dentistry in a foreign country. 

You Cannot Easily Return to the Same Dentist if a Problem Develops

Imagine the issues you have now with scheduling a dentist appointment and having to wait days to see a dentist. Now imagine that your dentist is two, three, or four thousand miles away and you have to buy an expensive, round-trip air ticket every time something goes awry with your new fake teeth or implants. That is a lot of extra money to shell out to fix problems for which you already paid a lot of money. If something really serious happens and you need to go to the emergency room, it is not as though your dentist is going to fly over here either. 

It Will Cost Thousands More to Fix if the Job Is Botched

A very scary fact is that many foreign dentists do not have the same qualifications or standards as US dentists. In some Middle-Eastern countries, for example, you can set up shop as a dentist with limited training and offer dental services such as tooth extraction, drilling and filling for a nominal fee. If the job on your cheap, foreign cosmetic dentistry is botched, it will cost you thousands of dollars more to fix to prevent infections and problems with your mouth later. 

Foreign Dentists May Not Be Dentists at All

Some foreign dentists are not dentists at all. Maybe they have some medical training. Perhaps they know how to drill a tooth and pull it. However, there are just as many "dentists" in foreign countries that are not licensed dentists and are not regulated by the government. This means that anyone who can figure out how to drill a hole in your mouth can insert implant screws and anyone that can take a paste mold of your mouth and use resin to make fake teeth can make dentures. These "dentists" charge such inexpensive prices for cosmetic dentistry because they are not really cosmetic dentists.

These reasons make it so very important to select a licensed, registered cosmetic dentist here in the US instead of going abroad for your cosmetic treatments.