Are You Focused On Your Children's Dental Health?

Posted on: 15 July 2019

Have you been reading a lot about how bad dental habits can have an effect on an individual's overall health? Maybe you thought that, since your children are still very little, dental health wasn't a priority right now. After all, they're going to lose those cute baby teeth anyway, right? Now you have realized that dental health is important from a very early age. Do you have a plan on how to help your children achieve that? From things your children can do at home to going to a family dentist, here are some ideas that might help you:

Things Your Children Can Do

Obviously, you'll need to monitor your children's dental health. However, there is a lot that the kids can do by themselves, once they have had proper instruction from you. Teach your children how to correctly brush their teeth with a soft toothbrush. Think of buying one that plays a tune during the appropriate time for teeth brushing. Another idea is to get interdental flossing tools that are easier for little fingers to use than floss.

Have a few lessons on the difference between every-now-and-then treats and healthy treats that can be eaten any time the children are hungry for a snack. For example, save things like candy bars and sugar-laden cookies for only special occasions. Then after they've had those treats, hopefully they'll remember that they need to brush their teeth. Even eating something like an apple will probably require flossing, as the apple skins might get lodged between their teeth.

Arrange For Consistent Family Dental Visits

Do you already have a dentist that all of your family members use? If not, consider finding a family dentist that is very comfortable around children. Make sure that the front office staff is friendly, too. Your children will more than likely be receiving service from the hygienist when they go in for teeth cleaning. Is that individual great with kids? 

Think of arranging to see your family dentist every six months.  If you don't want the kids missing classes at school, consider making the appointments in June and in December, when they are out of school for vacation time and for the Christmas holidays. Besides regular teeth cleaning, every few visits will more than likely also include x-rays. When the time comes that your kids might need braces, the family dentist will be happy to refer you to an orthodontist.