Root Canal Treatment as the Best Remedy for Toothache

Posted on: 4 June 2021

Toothache is an experience that no one wishes to go through. If you are experiencing severe pain in or around your tooth, it's an indication that something is wrong with your gums or teeth. Although the condition is not life-threatening, it can significantly affect your overall well-being. For some people, the solution for toothache is tooth extraction. However, it is possible to address pain without extracting the tooth through a root canal treatment.

Why Is Toothache So Painful?

The two leading causes of toothache are tooth decay and bacterial infection at the center of the tooth. In most cases, the decay or infection affects the pulp, which is a soft material inside the tooth that is filled with blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues.

The nerves in the pulp are highly sensitive. When they are infected or irritated, you will experience severe pain known as a toothache. The pain is usually sharp, constant, or throbbing. In some instances, you may experience headache and fever.

Root Canal Treatment as a Remedy

If you want to salvage the decayed or infected tooth, root canal treatment is the best option. If you visit a dental clinic, the dentist will eliminate bacteria from the infected pulp. The aim is to clear the infected matter, disinfect the inside of the tooth, and save the natural tooth. The tooth is then completely filled and sealed.

Why Consider a Root Canal Procedure for Toothache?

A root canal is simple but effective in treating toothache. Within two appointments, you will have completed the treatment. However, it may take longer if toothache involves several teeth.  It is also cheap compared to other dental procedures. For a front tooth, you will pay as little as $762 and $1,111 for a molar. 

If you fear pain, root canal treatment doesn't hurt since the dentist will use anesthesia. Once the procedure is complete, tooth pain is gone, and you get your smile back. More importantly, you can eat your favorite food comfortably.

As you know, it should be everyone's goal to save their natural teeth. After a root canal treatment, you will have salvaged your natural teeth and enjoy the following benefits:

  •  Natural appearance is retained.
  • You will enjoy efficient chewing.
  • You regain normal biting force and sensation.
  •  The decay or infection doesn't spread to nearby teeth.

Preserving natural teeth is essential. So, if you have a toothache, don't rush to have it removed. Ask the dentist about root canal treatments.