3 Benefits Of Getting Dental Crowns

Posted on: 15 November 2021

Dental crowns, also called dental caps, help to improve your smile. They can be used to repair teeth and to protect your teeth from damage. Many benefits come with using dental crowns to fix your teeth.  

Benefit #1: Protect a Dead Tooth 

Your teeth can get infected. When the pulp of your tooth gets infected, it kills the inside of your tooth, and the infection can impact your jaw as well. The only way to deal with a tooth infection is by getting a root canal, which involves drilling down through the tooth to get to the roots, or pulp, or your tooth. That is going to leave a big hole in your mouth. One of the best ways to fill that hole is by adding filling to the hole. An even better way to fill that hole is by adding a crown over the top of the filling, helping to strengthen the underlying structure and keeping it from breaking and getting damaged further in the future. As the tooth is now dead, the crown will protect it from further damage.  

Benefit #2: Protect a Decaying Tooth 

Sometimes, a cavity strikes, the dentist takes care of it, and the tooth is good forever. Other times, the same tooth seems to keep getting infected with cavities and experiencing tooth decay.  

If you have a tooth that keeps experiencing tooth decay, one way to stop the cycle of decay is by adding a cap to the tooth. A cap will create a protective layer between your tooth and the rest of your mouth. It will act as a barrier that will keep things such as acid, sugars, and bacteria away from your tooth. The objective is to prevent further decay from impacting your tooth.  

Benefit #3: Semi-Permanent 

Another benefit of getting a dental crown is that it will be semi-permanent. They are designed to go over the top of your tooth and are made to last. They don't often need to be replaced. That means you don't have to worry about your crown falling apart and getting damaged over time. They tend to last longer than other options for fixing damaged teeth, such as veneers.  

If you have a damaged, dead, or decaying tooth that needs to be protected, you should talk to your dentist about getting dental crowns in place to protect the tooth. A dental crown is a great way to protect your teeth from further damage and provide you with the full function of your mouth.  

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