What Makes Dental Implants So Great?

Posted on: 30 November 2022

In this day and age, you have more than one solution when you have missing teeth. Classically, patients would get dentures in order to achieve that more perfect and ideal smile and to help make chewing, speaking, and doing other oral tasks easier. Nowadays, however, you have more than just the option of removing dentures to achieve that better smile. You can get dental implants, which are a more permanent solution to replacing missing teeth or teeth that need to be taken out.

What makes dental implants so great? If you have been wearing dentures or just living with missing teeth, you should understand what makes dental implants a more ideal solution to your needs. Here are just a few reasons why dental implants are great.

You don't have to replace them

You don't have to upgrade or replace dental implants over time if you take care of them. Dentures, on the other hand, have to be upgraded as your mouth changes shape or as your dental needs change. Your dental implants should last for a very long time and may even outlast the rest of your natural teeth, which should be the only time you ever have to get your dental implants upgraded after you have them.

You have more natural-looking teeth

Your replacement teeth should be as natural as possible in appearance and functionality. If you have your dental implants put in, you'll have teeth that work as well as or better than your original teeth. Since these replacement teeth go directly into your gums and jaw just like your original teeth do, you should be able to have great results and enjoy your smile for longer, even if you have never had replacement teeth before.

What makes dental implants great as well is how you can customize your need for them. If you need an entire set of teeth replaced, simply have dental implant posts put in all four quadrants of your mouth, then a series of dental implant crowns can be put in. Your dentist can refer you to an oral surgeon who will give you several options for having your dental implants put in. You can even choose to just have a single dental implant put in in various areas of your mouth to get your fuller and more natural smile.

With dental implants, you can speak, chew, and do other oral activities the same as you do now. You can enjoy a healthier, happier smile as well. Speak to your dentist to learn more about dental implants.